Our Academics

Fontan Relational Education (FRE)

At our online high school we pride ourselves on offering top-quality curriculum and instruction to our students. The foundation of our approach is called Fontan Relational Education (FRE). This learning methodology has several decades of proven excellence, and is expanding in countries around the world. In fact, one school in Colombia, South America, Colegio Fontan Capital, was given the 2011 Microsoft Innovation Award for it’s use of this system.

Our curriculum is uniquely designed to:

  • Increase Student Engagement. Learning becomes more interesting as students relate learning to their own lives.
  • Personalize Learning. Students are a part of the process to help create their own individualized learning plan.
  • Produce Independent Learners. There are 4 levels of autonomy, and students learn the skills to work independently.
  • Ensure Students Graduate. Students learn how to create daily, weekly, and monthly learning goals.
  • Align With Colorado State Standards. All of our Units of Study align with the state standards.

Personalized Learning

MVV courses can be personalized to fit your student’s individual needs. Content can be rearranged and customized for individual learning paths, based on testing and discussions with their Learning Coach and Educators. In Fontan Relational Education (FRE), time is not an element. What this means is that students may learn at their own pace. Students who learn at slower rates can take their time, set the goals that they can meet, and meet them. Students who learn at quicker rates may “finish” a school year in less than one year. This system is all about the student!

Engaging Students in New Ways

Thinking that online classes are just text and questions on a computer screen? Not at Mountain View Virtual! Here our students work towards their high school diploma and college high school programs by taking courses specially designed to hold and keep their attention. Students are able to personalize their learning by working with their Educators so that they are successful. Each of the core content areas has Units of Study that students work on.

Our courses uniquely engage students by putting the focus squarely on the student. The student is the center of every unit of study. Students learn to set daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals. They work with their Learning Coach, who helps them to develop more independence as they progress through their studies. There are 4 levels of autonomy, or independence: Base, Transition, Advanced and Superior. Students move through the levels depending on their amount of independence shown with their coursework. Students who are less independent will receive more support on a daily basis, while other students who show more independence will receive less interaction with their learning coach and educators. Students in this system have shown that they really like either having more or less support, depending on what type of learner they are.


Fontan Relational Education courses are aligned to Colorado state standards, and are designed to fit graduation requirements for Colorado. The emphasis in this system is quality. Students learn to produce quality work as they are guided by their Learning Coach and the Educators. As students continue to develop their independence level, they also are able to understand and demonstrate quality work that will prepare them for college and career.